caps lock people

• 2 minute read • life

There are two iNtErNATioNal CAPS LOCK days: June 28 and October 11. A few years ago, I started announcing it in multiple chats. Around the third time, I picked up scrolling through my contacts, and calling people. Besides the giggle, the calls molded in to deeper conversations for hours. It’s a reason to talk!

I have forgotten how many times I have done it, but today I didn’t broadcast at all. I just called. Going through my contacts, I asked myself: “Why do I end up calling only a handful of people?” No, they don’t know me. No, the call would be inappropriate. No, they are too busy for my joke. No, I would risk my connections or reputation. No, it just doesn’t feel right. The friends unqualified are deeply technical, who I would only discuss projects, or scoped topics with.

Caps lock people are special — incredibly busy, but reliably awesome. The kind of friends I can throw anything at. Whom I wouldn’t hesitate to place trust in, or just embrace our time together. Year after year, they are the same again. The only additions to the list are newly met familiars.

Some contacts though, just don’t pan out to the occasion. This is how the call count stays manageable. Although, there is still one person I call, yell at, and hangup. We don’t have much casual to talk about, but they sure do appreciate the troll. Worth calling.